3D printing finally found its market, and all it took was a pandemic

3D printing finally found its market, and all it took was a pandemic
  • In response to COVID-19, a global groundswell of companies and hobbyist makers rushed to fill the lack of important medical supplies. For many, that meant 3D printing.
  • Fast-forward six weeks, and tens of thousands of parts have been printed, helping to save lives and protect frontline workers.
  • The technology carries some benefits over traditional manufacturing techniques: Prototyping is quicker, customizing is easier, and machines can be set up almost anywhere, meaning you can produce a lot closer to where the products need to go.
  • But reality has set in as well: 3D printing is slow, expensive and only really works well for a few materials.
Mike Murphy
Mike Murphy
3D printing is having a moment. As our supply chains faltered, 3DP makers stepped up to create + supply products to frontline workers. It’s the distributed, rapid-deployment dream 3DP always promised — but it’s unlikely … Show more
Mark Jennings
Product Manager

It's been interesting to follow and learn how 3D printing, traditionally a low volume production method, is now being used to produce anywhere from thousands of units a day to a hundred thousand units, as is the case wit… Show more

3D Printed COVID-19 Test Swabs
Formlabs has created this website and has become involved in varying degrees with the projects described here during a global medical crisis. Formlabs is working on many projects to address global healthcare-related supply shortages around the world, but in trying to mitigate ...
3D Printed COVID-19 Test Swabs
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The 3D printing Industry comes in this time as a boon.

It helps a lot to society.

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