Katzenberg tried to sell Quibi content, raising questions about service's future

Jeffrey Katzenberg may be nearing the end of the road with his mobile video streaming service Quibi. He recently tried to sell its catalog of programming to companies such as NBCUniversal and Facebook. Both passed.

Meanwhile, Katzenberg has told people in the industry that he may have to shut down the company, according to one person who spoke to him. Internally at Quibi, employees have said important strategy meetings have been cancelled. A Quibi spokeswoman said she had no comment.

If Katzenberg ends up shutting down Quibi, it would be one of the highest profile failures of an entertainment startup in memory.

Sara 🍑y
the fate of Quibi was obvious to many so who the heck are the people that gave them $1.75 billion??
Sheel Mohnot
Quibi is almost done 400k subs (unclear how many of them paid); the plan was for 7.4m at EOY1 Strategy meetings have been cancelled and some employees have informally been scheduling goodbye drinks $1.5B gone; I'm loo… Show more
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United States v. Google

DOJ's lawsuit against Google is appropriately narrow, focusing on search and providing a template for Congressional action against Big Tech even if it fails

This @BenThompson piece on the DOJ Google law suit is the clearest articulation I've seen from him on tech competition till now. Other pieces have been good. But this one consolidates many of his points. https://t.co/u… Show more
Nathan Taylor
Meta-comment on @benthompson Google antitrust post. If you write a 4 posts a week for 7 years, you can learn enough to earn a dominant monopoly position on tech/strategy/society takes. But beware: don't exploit it by m… Show more
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The police can probably break into your iPhone

Apple has built complex encryption into iPhones and made the devices’ security central to its marketing pitch. That has angered law enforcement. Officials from the F.B.I. director to rural sheriffs have argued that encrypted phones stifle their work to catch and convict dangerous criminals. They have tried to force Apple and Google to unlock suspects’ phones, but the companies say they can’t. In response, the authorities have put their own marketing spin on the problem. Law enforcement, they say, is “going dark.”

Yet new data reveals a twist to the encryption debate that undercuts both sides: Law enforcement officials across the nati… Show more

Syte, an e-commerce visual search platform, gets $30 million Series C to expand in the U.S. and Asia
  • Tel Aviv-based visual search and product discovery platform Syte plans to expand in the United States and Asia-Pacific region after its latest funding. The startup announced today it has raised a $30 million Series C, with an additional $10 million in debt.
  • The round was led by Viola Ventures, with participation from LG Tech Ventures, La Maison, MizMaa Ventures, Kreos Capital, and returning investors Magma, Naver Corporation, Commerce Ventures, Storm Ventures, Axess Ventures, Remagine Media Ventures and KDS Media Fund. The startup has now raised a total of $71 million.
  • Launched in 2015 to focus on visual search for clothing, Syte’s… Show more
Lisa Gordon

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