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Making economical genomic testing a reality

TL Biolabs does DNA testing on cows. We help make cows bigger, better, faster, stronger, and with a propensity to like Daft Punk. Read More

What We're Building

Livestock consumption is increasing to feed a growing and meat-hungry global population, but livestock contributes 15% of greenhouse gas emissions and many farmers struggle to turn a profit despite the demand because of tight margins.

We help farmers make better breeding decisions to make livestock production more efficient. It's a win for Farmers because they make more money. It's a win for TL Biolabs because we create an awesome company. And it's a win for the environment because there are fewer inputs, so the whole process is more sustainable.

This is possible because genomic testing allows us to make predictions about traits like milk production, disease resistance and feed efficiency. Our proprietary testing platform brings the price of the test ($15) under the average gain in profit so farmers can afford to test their whole herd. Our web app then presents actionable insights to farmers so that they can make more effective decisions on their farms.

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Open Positions


Brad Zamft
11+ years in science and biotechnology, working in academic, nonprofit, governmental, startup organizations.
Phillip Dupree
Stanford Graduate Design Program, proficient in advanced mechatronics (ARM, arduino), mechanical design (NX, Solidworks, Fusion360), design methodology.
David Gaddes
Microfluidics, MEMS, Biosensors
Madeline Seifert
Dedicated and accomplished student pursuing an entry-level laboratory position to enable me to pursue my interests and apply my skills in biology and genetics.
Sam Parlett
COO of TL Biolabs. We do genomic testing on cows to help farmers make better breeding decisions.
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Our Investors

Charles Seely
CEO/Founder Pensar, powering future of personalized learning. Venture Partner Real Ventures, Canadian VC of the Year '15, '16. Managing Partner SGH Capital.
Josh Buckley
Founder @Mino Games. Early Investor @Boom, @Clearbit, @Relativity Space, + more.

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