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Making DNA testing possible for every application

At TL Biolabs, we’re ensuring that antibiotic resistance doesn’t become more deadly than cancer. Read More
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What We're Building

At TL Biolabs, we’re ensuring that antibiotic resistance doesn’t become more deadly than cancer.

In 2050 more people will be dying of antibiotic resistant pathogens than cancer. Infections that were once treatable with a simple oral antibiotics are now requiring complex, painful treatments and resulting in serious health implications for patients.

Gonorrhea is one such infection, having become resistant to over 10 different antibiotics, we have only one treatment that is still effective and resistance to this has already begun to occur. With 820,000 new infections every year in the US, antibiotic resistance will spread quickly, which is why the CDC has resistant Gonorrhea at an urgent threat level, the highest level available.

At TL Biolabs' novel genomic testing platform enables STI clinics to identify the antibiotic resistant strains of gonorrhea and other pathogens that their patients have, so they can select the correct antibiotics and halt the spread of antibiotic resistance.

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TL Biolabs Team

Sam Parlett
Co-founder of TL Biolabs. We're developing the world's best DNA testing platform. Backed by YC & a16z. Forbes 30 under 30.
Phillip Dupree
Stanford Graduate Design Program, proficient in advanced mechatronics (ARM, arduino), mechanical design (NX, Solidworks, Fusion360), design methodology.
David Gaddes
Microfluidics, MEMS, Biosensors
Edward Owen
Oxford Physics PhD
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TL Biolabs Investors

Benjamin Boyer
Board Observer at
Charles Seely
CEO/Founder Pensar, powering the future of learning. Venture Partner Real Ventures, Canadian VC of the Year '15, '16. Managing Partner SGH Capital.
Josh Buckley
Founder @Mino Games. Early Investor @Boom, @Clearbit, @Relativity Space, + more.
Bryan Frist
Co-founder @Yoshi (YC S16)
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