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Tissue Analytics

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Personalized mobile wound and skin care

We are just a team of engineers and clinicians that believes in our product and the benefits it will have. If you accept this position, you will not be working for us- you will be working with us. With this position, you will have a chance to learn and grow with the company.

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What We're Building

Chronic wounds cost the US healthcare system $30 billion annually. The staggering cost of chronic wound care and management is due, in part, to frequent visits to highly specialized clinics. We are developing a mobile medical app and complementary enterprise software that essentially act as a highly sophisticated system for the evaluation and monitoring of chronic wounds and burns. Our system will thus have the ability to reduce unnecessary clinic visits while increasing the frequency of wound evaluation. Given the changes in US healthcare delivery in the coming years, we expect this technology to vastly simplify and improve the way we treat chronic wounds moving forward.

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Kevin Keenahan
CEO & Co-founder at @Tissue Analytics • Worked at @Tsinghua University • Studied Biomedical Engineering at Johns Hopkins Univeristy

Our Investors

Kerry Rupp
General Partner @True Wealth Ventures. Instructor @NSF Innovation Corps. Innovation & Strategy Consultant. Startup Coach. Mentor @Capital Factory
Jason Hardebeck
Managing Partner, Baltimore Machine Works MS Business, Johns Hopkins University BS Mechanical Engineering, US Naval Academy

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