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A Self Help approach to the problem of money.

Are you looking for an opportunity to make your mark on the world? An opportunity to build something from the ground(*) up and do it the “right” way? An opportunity to lead? An opportunity to build something truly great? Read More
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What We're Building

Tip Yourself is a new approach to personal finance. We recognize that money is more than just charts and graphs. The real problem for millions struggling to get started with savings and investing is motivation and habits.

That is why with Tip Yourself we're bringing a self-help approach to personal finance.

The mobile app allows users to tip themselves by transferring money from their checking account into their own Tip Jar. But more important than the money is WHY you are rewarding yourself and how often.

Tip Yourself encourages users to recognize their own personal moments of victory and gives the option to connect with others on a similar journey. It shifts the mindsets of saving money from stress and sacrifice to motivation and reward.

Made to the gym?
Skipped an impulse purchase?
Or just made it through a tough day at work... Tip Yourself. You earned it.

Tip Yourself is a combination of social network, self help tool, and personal finance product.

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Mike Lenz
Co-Founder @Tip Yourself • Join us at

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