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Andy Chung and Philipp Moehring run AngelList Europe and the Tiny Supercomputer Investment Company, a Europe-focused early stage fund.

Additional allocation in individual deals may be shared with a group of investors and TSCIC LPs.


We will syndicate deals where there is additional allocation available, or where we are able to get access in follow on, pro rata, and other opportunities.

Our focus is on early stage tech startups in Europe. We prefer technical teams and ambitious ideas, and co invest with some of the best angels and funds across Europe.

When backing this syndicate, you do not have to invest in every deal. We do reserve the right to prioritize repeat backers and Tiny Fund LPs.

Andy Chung
Europe @angellist, Co-founder @what-s-in-my-handbag, Team member of @eden-ventures. Team member @m-pesa
Philipp Moehring
Managing everything Europe (funds, syndicates) @angellist. Investing in early stage tech companies in Europe. Connecting founders, investors & talent.
Regan Bozman
Business Analyst
Business Operations Lead @coinlist
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Frederik Fleck
Serial Entrepreneur, two exits, one company > $100m revenue, interested in mobile, fin tech,crowd sourcing, ...
Sundeep Ahuja
I've led 100+ Syndicates incl @mosaic @good-eggs @sandboxvr @notable-labs @livelyhsa @lus-brands; 3x Founder; Author; BS CS Stanford.
Tyler Willis
Founder of @unsupervisedai — Investor in companies like @lyft, @patreon & @lambda-school.
Can help with
“I founded one of the top companies in the AI space and was exceptionally early (founding employee) at two successful startups — where I ran marketing,...more
Stefano Bernardi
Planet+ investor
Yannick R.
Investor from Europe
Can help with
“Foot into Uk & Europe”
Lars Rasmussen
Cofounder @weav-music. Former e-dir @facebook. Cofounder @where 2 Tech -- sold to @google to make Google Maps. Started Google Wave.
Rolf Mathies
Co-founder of ConAction AG & @earlybird-venture-capital, worked @bain & Company, @ibm. Essentialist. Proud supporter of
Peter Livingston
Founder/GP at Unpopular Ventures
Andy was the very first person to write a cheque into Charlie. He introduced us to many of our now investors and was invaluable in helping us raise our seed round. An awesome guy who's as fun to hang out with as he is to learn from.
It's true - he does answer email faster than you. But seriously, Philipp is awesome and always helpful across the whole gamut of entrepreneur problems. His special skill is not sugarcoating.
Fred Stevens-Smith
Co-worker at a company Philipp Moehring worked for
Phil is hands-down the most connected guy I know. He never declined to make an intro and always took time to help us define our fundraising strategy. It is pretty much thanks to him that we got the investors we have on board today. Besides that, he is super intelligent, asks all the right...more
Regan is a born entrepreneur with a passion for the on-demand space. His past experience @Handy is invaluable to the growth of ODJO.
Kyle Widrick
For Regan Bozman's work at Odjo
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