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Collect content from 15 different channels to involve your fans from anywhere on the web. Then, curate it all through our easy-to-use moderation functionality. Display user-generated content into every aspect of your marketing efforts in minutes.

Trusted by 5,000+ brands in 172+ countries.


Add testimonials, product launches, and photos that highlight your company

Open Positions


Tim Sae Koo
Cofounder & CEO @TINT • Studied at @University of Southern California
Ryo Chiba
Cofounder and COO at @TINT
Nikhil Aitharaju
Worked at @TINT • Studied at @USC
Corey Colgan
Dir of Sales @brightwheel . History scaling with @Trulia , @TINT and others. Always looking to network and share!
Quinn Cox
@TINT | Co-Founder @Giving Bag | Studied @Cornell | @MacroFuel @CayugaSustainableHospitality @FourSeasonsHotels
Amrit Singh
the858, AL!VE, TINT, The Cub Collective, Cole & Oak. Twitter/IG/Snap: @akooms
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Our Investors

Bill Gross
Founder @Idealab. Created more than 100 companies leading to 45 IPO's & acquisitions, including 7 more than $1 Billion exits, including Goto, @Citysearch ...
Tom McGovern
Coffee Drinker, Champion of Entrepreneurs
Howard Marks
co-founder Activision ATVI $14B cap, founder @Acclaim Games (sold to @Playdom). Founder and managing partner @StartEngine LA's largest accelerator.

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