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Tides - Decentralized insurance

Jobs at Tides - Decentralized insurance

Decentralized P2P health insurance network on the blockchain

Health insurance in the United States today no longer serves its purpose for most consumers. Premiums are increasingly expensive, coverage is worsening, and medical debt is rising. is solving the incentive and information problems with an alternative to the traditional “health insurance company” by building a peer-to-peer insurance network on the blockchain. Read More
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What We're Building

Our team of healthcare/blockchain experts is building the first decentralized peer-to-peer health insurance protocol, Traditional insurance in the US has mutated beyond usefulness into society’s expensive burden. Our mission aims to reduce your premiums using a peer-to-peer pooling model that can realign today’s conflicting Patient-Payer-Provider incentives, and even return funds back to you.

Jobs at Tides - Decentralized insurance

Tides - Decentralized insurance Team

George Burke
Intersection of health & crypto @Tides - Decentralized insurance, @FreshPay bitcoin debit card. Founded, sold @eBookDaily @BookSwim @eBookFling. Ex-@500startups
Manoj Duggirala
Entrepreneur, Technology Generalist - Software/Hardware
Victor Wu
Product Designer with background in AR, VR, and Blockchain. Learned WebVR in one week, won a VR hackathon in SF the next week.

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