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Thrive Savings

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Empower your employees to save money.

Thrive is a new type of fintech startup with an emphasis on financial wellness. Read More
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What We're Building

We're a modern workplace benefit for a modern workforce, run through a simple, beautifully designed app.

We’ve created a solution that makes your employees lives better, creates value for companies, and is world-positive.

What do we do? It’s simple. Thrive helps top companies drive engagement and retention by empowering their employees to save money. Employers then have the option to match or contribute directly to their employees savings goals.

For more information, check out and book a demo.

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Thrive Savings Team

Jordan Wimmer
CEO @ ThriveSavings Former @Long Game Kyro Capital. Former banker turned fintech evangelist. Love building things and breaking the status quo. Proud feminist.
Naib Baghirov
Results-oriented software engineering professional who promotes object-oriented approaches to real-time software development. Analytical and detail-oriented.

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