Jobs at THINX

Period-proof underwear for the modern woman

THINX’s mission is to create the most innovative period solutions that empower our people and sustain our planet, while breaking taboos about menstruation and reproductive health everywhere. Our innovation in period-proof underwear has been recognized by top industry publications, such as Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies of 2017, Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 Most Brilliant Companies of 2016, and TIME Magazine’s Top 25 Inventions of 2015.

What We're Building

THINX is disrupting the feminine hygiene space.

Nearly all women on the planet require feminine hygiene products for the better part of their lives and there has been little to no innovation in this industry in nearly 50 years. It also happens to be $15 billion+ sector. This space is ripe for disruption.

We officially launched our first patented innovation in May of 2015 - a gorgeous undergarment that is absorbent and leak/stain-resistant. Our next patent is going to replace the need for tampon applicators (did you know that 20 billion menstrual products end up in a landfill annually?). We have 2 other patented products in the works that are equally game-changing for womenkind.

Feminine hygiene is also a big issue in the developing world and is causing millions of girls to drop out of school. We are solving this too.

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Jobs at THINX


Brendan Hastings
Senior Director, Engineering & Digital Product at THINX & Icon. E-commerce, Full-Stack Engineering, Digital Strategy, UX Research, Data Engineering/Science, BI
Daniella Sakhai
Growth Marketing Associate at THINX. Previous Innovation Consultant with 2 yrs of experience in CPG products. Graduated Phi Beta Kappa from UPenn.
Vivian Situ
Growth Marketing at Thinx Experience in programmatic planning/strategy, campaign management and ad operations
Dan W
Dan W ,
MIT Sloan MBA Strategy, Digital Marketing, Operations, Finance
Leah Schonberg
food, books and humans.
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THINX Investors

Matthew Brimer
Co-Founder of @General Assembly and DAYBREAKER. Explorer of new lands and new ideas. Maker of things and doer of deeds. Bullish on The Future.
Jonathan Swerdlin
Jonathan Swerdlin is a serial entrepreneur who loves bicycles and dogs.

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