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We're an early stage startup venture studio

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What We're Building

We're a startup studio that builds, help build, and invests in startups. We're not your normal startup venture studio. We're completely bootstrap and have launched our own startups such as Studiotime (Airbnb for music studios), Yoroomie App (acquired 2016), worked with some amazing startups, and reinvested our profits in 15+ startups and two funds.

We specialize in helping startups with:

Idea To MVP
Rapid Prototyping
Product Roadmapping
Design Sprints
Marketplace Development
Pre-Launch & Launch Strategy
Marketplace Growth

If you'd like to work with us, please reach out to us at

Jobs at Thinkbox

Thinkbox Team

Mike Williams
Helping build & investing in startups @thinkbox-io ( Previous two startups acquired. Mentor @Founder Institute

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