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What We're Building

Sieve is a team based curated freelancers platform along with product managers to handle projects from end to end. Clients don't have to worry about the portfolio of the developers as we only have the handpicked best on our platform.

Idea to project development map in 48 hours.

1. Post project idea
2. Chat with our product manager
3. Get quote in 48 hours
4. Get the completed project

We are building the first version of our AI engine which will let clients chat with our system and get an instant quote, the AI assistant will itself find you the best team based on their skills and availability.

Add testimonials, product launches, and photos that highlight your company

Open Positions


Arun P
Arun P ,
Founder @handME by Root3 | Founder @Sieve | Technology Enthusiast | Programmer | Designer | Platform Engineer @Sieve | Alumni @SV.CO
Doris Hernandez
Founded two startups, I am a Software Engineer but decided to take the Product Management path, Stanford Certified Project Manager
Ryan Holly
I run growth for VC-backed tech companies.
Chris Oliver
I'm a full stack Rails developer and I teach others so they can build things they love.
Andres Soto Villaverde
PhD in Artificial Intelligence. Prefer to work as Data Scientist, NLP, number crunching, Machine Learning, etc. Long experience programming Python, Matlab, C

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