Cameron Adams

Founder and product designer at @Canva Previously on @Fluent & designer at @Google (Wave). Speaker. Author.

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What I Do

My strengths lie in product development, design & prototyping. My combination of design and technical skills mean that I can bridge the gap between user experience design and implementation of the actual product. This allows for rapid iteration on fit and features.


I founded Fluent, a startup whose innovative take on the future of email garnered much public & media attention, particularly for its beautiful interface and focus on simplifying the essential aspects of dealing with your emails.

I was lead designer on Google's Wave project, where we broke new ground in the collaborative communication space. Prior to that, I ran my own design company and wrote & spoke about design & web technologies around the world.

What I'm Looking For

I look for companies that value design and give real value to their users. Life-changing and world-changing products that make a difference.