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1-on-1 mentorship, real-world projects, and career support that works with your schedule.

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What We're Building

The Firehose Project is an immersive 22-week online apprenticeship that gives people the real world skills to join a web development team or launch their own idea.

Throughout each week, students are solving complex computer science challenges (e.g. graph search and floyd’s cycle detection algorithm), build several web applications (think Yelp and Udemy clones), focus heavily on Test Driven Development and join a team to build an advanced web application that goes far beyond the typical CRUD apps.

Students receive weekly 1-on-1 mentor sessions from senior web developers with experience from places like PayPal, eBay, Flickr,, Product Hunt, Techstars & Y-Combinator companies, and have access to slack channels, Q&A forums and weekly live video chat office hours.

Graduates go on to work at companies like Boeing, EnerNOC, Artsy, or Sensay.

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Jobs at Firehose Project

Firehose Project Team

Ken Mazaika
Worked at Firehose Open Source Team, Firehose. Experience with E-Learning, Ruby on Rails, Teaching.
Marco Morawec
CEO @Firehose Project - making online education smart and personal. Previously UX & Product @Flywire and @Jana
Sungwon Choe
Senior Software Engineer at UPMC Full-Stack Development Mentor at theFirehoseProject KAIST CS PhD ABD, UPenn CS MCIT
Jacob Gillespie
Senior Software Engineer
David Watson
Google AdWords certified marketing professional. Possesses additional experience with email marketing, content creation, and analytics platforms
Chad Ostrowski
In Toolbox: ReactJS, ES6, JavaScript, Ruby, Rails Orientation: UX Likes: open standards, TDD, transparency, straight talk
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