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Team experienced in running and funding successful startups. Our deep technical, product and business knowledge makes us valuable advisors to the portfolio companies.

Our focus is on early stage companies with non-trivial technical and product ideas.

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Artem Danilov
Co-founder @API.AI (now Google Dialogflow) and http://the.ai. CFA, Morgan Stanley (30 M&A, IPO projects; $40 Bn completed deals). General AI research
Olga Gelfenbeyn
Partner at the.ai Ventures, Head of Operations @speaktoit
Artem Goncharuk
Engineering @x-the-moonshot-factory-1 Previously: Engineering lead of Dialogflow @google Co-founder of @speaktoit
Ilya Gelfenbeyn
Head of Google Assistant Investments, Co-founder and CEO @API.AI/Dialogflow (acquired by Google), Angel Investor, LP at http://the.ai
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Acquired by Google in 2016
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Lawrence Braitman
investor / advisor / growth accelerator to early-stage digital media companies
Sundeep Ahuja
I've led 90+ Syndicates incl @mosaic @good-eggs @sandboxvr @starcity @notable-labs @livelyhsa; 3x Founder; Author; BS CS Stanford.
Ed Roman
Managing Director, Hack VC. Entrepreneur, developer, angel. Built several startups with strong exits. I pay-it-forward by helping as much as possible.
Rob Ness
GP at Asymmetry Ventures. Obsessively hunts the world's best startups. Served time @harvard-university, @berkeley.
Jan Sessenhausen
Technology & Software investments at TEV, previously 10+ years with HTGF, SapientNitro, Capgemini and Hewlett-Packard. IT background.
Michael Ross
Experienced Investor. 5 Exits. 3 Venture-Backed (Kleiner and Bessemer). 1 IPO and 4 acquisitions. Google, Redpoint Ventures, JPMorgan, Credit Suisse.
Ilya Gelfenbeyn
Head of Google Assistant Investments, Co-founder and CEO @API.AI/Dialogflow (acquired by Google), Angel Investor, LP at http://the.ai
Ilya is a visionary in the digital assistant world. He has been a practical entrepreneur and venture friend.
Ilya is an incredible enterprise founder and full stack investor and has been a fantastic thought partner from a product and business model perspective esp in spaces focused on AI and Voice as a platform.
Ilya and his team were the pioneers of Voice AI space. Their vision and execution allowed them to build Dialogflow, a platform used by more than a million developers worldwide, including several of my teams.
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