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The Syndicate is a group of accredited angel investors that focus on early stage tech startups with exponential potential and talented entrepreneurs to raise the bar on pre-seed and seed stage investing.

We only work with the very best and align ourselves with the founders we invest in to push growth and provide tacticals strategies and intros whenever possible to help our portfolio companies shine.


We will syndicate all the best deals that come our way and fight for our syndicate's allocation in deals.

Matt Ward
Founder @The Syndicate Angel Network and Podcast Founder @FBA ALLSTARS Advisor @AiHello @InFlow 2 Ecommerce Exits Angel Investor in 7+ companies
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Matt has 15 years experience in ecommerce industry
Matt has played the role of both mentor and inspirational figure in my professional life. Though we do not have years of work behind us working together, the time I have spent speaking and listening to Matt has been priceless. The man is simply a non-stop dispenser of gems. We will be having a...more
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