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Talk with insiders to land the right job

We're building a marketplace where job candidates can instantly get mock interviews, resume reviews, and insights from company insiders, starting with the finance industry. We're on a mission to democratize access to the best jobs and make the hiring process more transparent and meritocratic than it is today.  Read More

What We're Building

We're a venture-backed startup with funding & support from world class organizations such as Y Combinator (Winter 2018), Kairos Society, Tacklebox Accelerator, and WeWork Labs and are based in Soho, New York City. We have five-digit revenues and are growing fast - come help us grow faster.

Jobs at The Lobby

The Lobby Team

Deepak Chhugani
Founder/CEO @The Lobby (YC W18). NYC Director/Fellow @The Kairos Society. Former Investment Banker @BofA Merrill Lynch. @Bentley University'14
Ettaibi Mohamed
Project Lead at TheLobby. Full-Stack Developer at Obytes.

The Lobby Investors

Alejandro Ponce
Recognized investor and entrepreneur.
William Spencer
Angel Investor
Jorge Garate
Partner at Ataria Ventures. Ex-McKinsey, J.P. Morgan and Private Equity

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