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The Eye Tribe

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Eye Tracking for the Mass Market

The Eye Tribe eye tracking software will revolutionize how we interact with our mobile devices. You can join the tribe and be part of making this change in mobile interaction!

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What We're Building

The Eye Tribe software enables eye control on mobile devices and computers, allowing hands-free navigation of websites and apps, eye activated log in, enhanced gaming experiences, and cloud-based user engagement analytics. We utilize standard low-cost hardware components that can be integrated into the next generation of smartphones and tablets.

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Martin Tall
Senior Software Engineer / Researcher at @Duke University University
Javier San Agustin
Engineer and PhD in low-cost gaze interaction
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Our Investors

Alexis Farcet
Co-founder of Startupbootcamp. Partner at Rainmaking, driving innovation through: Rainmaking Ventures, Rainmaking Loft and Rainmaking Innovation.