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The augmented writing platform

Textio is one of the world’s fastest-growing startups. We’re expanding our Seattle team of brilliant, creative people who are inventing a totally new category of software: augmented writing. We offer a rare mix of world-class product leadership, outstanding engineers, and rapid customer traction combined with a vision big enough to change the world. Read More

What We're Building

Imagine if, every time you wrote something, you knew ahead of time exactly who was going to respond.

Now imagine that you knew why - that you knew which specific aspects of your language were getting the high open rate on that email, or the right applicant set to apply to your job post. It would absolutely change the way you did business.

Textio, a Seattle-based startup, invented augmented writing, which is writing supported by outcomes data in real time.
Our first product, Textio Talent, tells you how who will apply to your job listings will be before you publish them, and provides real-time guidance to improve their performance.

Textio's predictive engine constantly analyzes huge quantities of data using advanced natural language processing and machine learning. The platform is built on 300 million job posts along with statistics about how they perform with real people - and adding 10 million new jobs with outcomes every month.

We are hiring! https://textio.com/careers/

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Jobs at Textio

Textio Team

Jensen Harris
Co-Founder & CTO Textio • Built core user experiences for Office, Outlook, and Windows at @Microsoft • Studied at @Yale University
Kieran Snyder
Co-Founder & CEO, Textio. Formerly Microsoft, Amazon. Writer about tech, language, and gender in the workplace. PhD in Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania.
Devin Blais
Carnegie Mellon (BS & MS)
Matt Abbott
Data Scientist -- Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing
Kevin Humphreys
Senior Natural Language Engineer at Textio
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Textio Investors

Bloomberg Beta
Seed fund focused on the future of work and machine intelligence, in particular. We steer on founder NPS. Now investing out of our 2nd $75M fund.
Noah Lichtenstein
Investor + Advisor + Entrepreneur. Formerly: Partner @Cowboy Ventures, Founding team @HomeRun (acq by @Rearden Commerce), early @The Climate Corporation (acq by MON).
Joanne Yuan
Associate partner @Cowboy Ventures Invests in tech that reinvents the way we live and work. @Stanford GSB @UPENN alum.
Kent Goldman
founder of / seed stage at @upsidevc. formerly a partner @firstround. gratefully @loroSF’s lesser half. napkins are for ideas.
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