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Organize and share your team's collective knowledge

We're a small team of makers looking for early teammates to help us shape our company. If you're someone who takes great pride in your work and wants to help create something from the ground up, let's talk.

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What We're Building

Tettra is a company wiki that helps Slack teams manage and share organizational knowledge.

Making knowledge available to your team allows them to make better decisions every day.

At Tettra, we believe having an open and transparent culture, free of roadblocks, empowers teams to do their best work.

Add testimonials, product launches, and photos that highlight your company

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Tettra Team

Nelson Joyce
Product person. Cofounder of @Tettra . Previously @HubSpot, @Rentabilities
Andy Cook
Co-founder of Tettra. Previously co-creator of HubSpot Marketing Free and co-founder of Rentabilities (acquired by HubSpot).
Oscar Morrison
Software Engineer, out-of-the-box thinker, who can learn fast in any environment. A history of working in a startup environment.

Tettra Investors

David Cancel
CEO of @Drift. Ex-Chief Product Officer of @HubSpot. Previously started @Performable, @Ghostery, @Lookery and @Compete.
BOSS Syndicate
Founders backing founders in BOSTON.
Jere Doyle
Serial entrepreneur, angel and advisor to startups. Founded Prospectiv and Global Marketing. Knack for customer acquisition and marketing.
Elias Torres
Founder @Drift and @Performable, technical executive in two other startups including @HubSpot and obsessed with building startup engineering teams.
Paul English
CEO/Cofounder of Lola Travel, and part-time lecturer at MIT Sloan Entrepreneurship Center. Prior Cofounder of Kayak.
Kyle York
Entrepreneur, angel investor, startup advisor. @Oracle @Dyn Exec. GTM, Product & Strategy.
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