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Application Engineer at TetraScience

Boston · Full Time
We are a fast-growing startup out of Harvard & MIT composed of individuals passionate about advancing science. TetraScience provides a mission control for R&D that helps teams better use their time and equipment by bringing Internet-of-Things technology to the laboratory. The most prestigious academic, hospital, biotech, and pharma labs use TetraScience to be more productive, compliant, and consistent. Read More
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Job Description

TetraScience is a rapidly growing company that is on a mission to reinvent the way scientific research is done. We're a Boston, MA-based SaaS company that bridges software, hardware, and innovation. Our customers use our technology to help them produce medicines for rare diseases, monitor their beehive activity level, study the physiology and biochemistry of deep sea microorganisms, to name a few - and the list is growing!

Our #1 priority is to attract the best talent to work with us in this endeavor and help us get there. We're looking for rockstar engineering talent who can learn quickly, and grow over time.

The Role:
The Application Engineer will be working at the intersection of hardware, product, and customer success. She/He will be responsible for delivering monitoring and data capture technology for our customers ( lab managers and scientists at pharmaceutical companies). This position will report directly to the COO of the company.

- The ideal candidate is an intellectually agile engineer
- Have 1-3 years of experience building/testing electronics (preference for web-connected devices)
- Have experience working with contract manufacturers
- Familiar with UL, ETL, FCC, CE standards
- Process oriented
- Able to develop and implement new workflows
- Able to take on a wide range of jobs and situations
- Jack of all trade spirit
- Entrepreneurial
- Fast learner
- Curious mind
- Possesses excellent verbal and written communication skills
- Enjoys interacting with customers

*Manage all the aspects of deployments
*Customer support and customer success
*Communicating improvement actions to the development team
*Provide customers feedback to the head of product
*Conceive new applications in line with the business road map
*Hardware testing
*Supply chain/inventory management
*Engineer custom solutions for clients

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What We're Building

TetraScience is mission control for R&D.

With TetraScience, you connect your existing lab instruments to a single online dashboard where you can manage experiments and access data. Easily connect the dots between data, insights, and outcomes.

Some of the most prestigious R&D teams use TetraScience to help them be more productive, compliant, and consistent.

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