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Appdiff offers a fully automated mobile app testing solution that enables enterprises to quickly deliver better quality apps.

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Justin Liu
Co-Founder and COO of
Jason Arbon
CEO, automating all mobile apps. Previously worked @Google Chrome , @Google Search , @Applause and @Bing.
Ryan Castor
Founder Investors

Catherine Chang
Angel investor and advisor.  First finance exec at Evite, Facebook, Ebates, Twitter, Idle Games and Balanced.
AngelList Select Fund Manager
AngelList Advisors, advisor to AngelList Select Platform Fund I
AngelList Enterprise Fund Manager
AngelList Advisors, advisor to AngelList Enterprise Platform Fund I
CSC Upshot
The largest fund dedicated to seed investing, ever. Details @CSC Upshot
Evan Cheng
Director of Engineering @Facebook, previously @Apple. Active investor in blockchain, life science, dev tools, infrastructure, ML, enterprise SW.
Tom Fallows
Cranking @Uber • Founder @Google Express • Founder @Mercantila (acq @Google) • Very active advisor to my portfolio companies.
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