What I Do

I help startups on their biggest problems within my domain expertise. This includes introductions to top law firms, investors and advisers.

I also break down what investors want but don't always tell founders, and work w/ startups from Caltech, Chapman, Harvard and Plug and Play.


20+ years of experience in innovation, primarily in financial products as lawyer and GSD business person on Wall Street.

1 of 3 business people to build the first credit derivative product for a leading bank. This product is now a $300 billion plus net purchased product globally.

Executed and led teams related to innovative financial products for Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch institutional and ultra high net worth clients.


What I'm Looking For

1+ technical team member paid equity + below market cash.

Close, small team.

Test quickly, cheaply, incl. biz models.

Get some users to love your product.

Big boring markets with vulnerable competitors.


Grit, focus, resourcefulness.

Low burn.


James Brandt
Angel Investor
David Weisburd
Founder & CEO @roomhunt. Dartmouth MBA.
Larry Sanger
Founder, Infobitt. Co-founder, Wikipedia and other Internet communities and knowledge projects. Internet thought leader. Ph.D. Philosophy.