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Recruiters + Machine Learning ➡ Personalized, affordable recruitment for all.

We’re Terminal 1, a tech-centered recruitment firm that places top tier candidates into the hottest companies from around the globe. Read More

What We're Building

Many companies are deserving, exciting, imaginative, but recruiting is not their strength. Our tools make recruiting every company’s strength. We provide personalized, affordable recruitment services to connect everyone with their winning team.

We believe that machine learning would be key to cracking the recruitment market. Therefore, our eventual goal is to build a machine readable recruitment ecosystem that allows us to “teach” machine to do recruitment, and also through promoting global mobility by creating an international network.

We are on the mission to let everyone focus on what they are good at and to build a better team at the same time.

Recruitment software and services by experienced Software Engineers, Product Designers, Data scientists, Lawyers, and Marketers.

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Jobs at Terminal 1

Terminal 1 Team

Edwin Shao
CEO @Terminal 1. Previously Head Data Scientist @AsiaMiles, Co-Founder @Kites, Founder @dsoglobal, @LinkedIn, @BoozAllen, @Yahoo, @Google. CMU, PEA pride.
Spencer Ying
CMU grad, worked at several startups focused on product development
Kirill Pavlov
Recruiter & Head of Data Science @Terminal 1 | Ex. @Asia Miles, @Yandex | @Moscow Institute Of Physics And Technology, @Yandex School Of Data Analysis.
Tendai Mudyiwa
Past experience developing enterprise software for Securities Lending Technology at Morgan Stanley.
Vicki Chen
at City University of London - Organisational Psychology
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Terminal 1 Investors

Bob Partridge
China/Asia strategy and M&A expert. Retired EY partner. Live in Hong Kong and San Diego.

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