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Tenmiles Technologies

Front End Developer at Tenmiles Technologies

Chennai Port Trust, Chennai · Full Time
Tenmiles is a fast growing and successful product company based in Chennai. An ensemble of young, energetic and passionate minds who have created wonderful products like HappyFox, HappyFox Chat, HelpDesk Pilot, DoAttend, Wonderful Day. Read More
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Job Description

Tenmiles is a bunch of enthusiastic (and crazy) people in Chennai who churn out world class software products. Our software looks great, works like a charm, does the job and doesn’t take water breaks. We create products that make our customers not just “Happy” but all the more effective.
Our Products - HappyFox, HappyFox Chat

We are looking for a highly skilled “Front End Developer” who is passionate to create a user- friendly environment by writing code on the client side of our web applications. This is a great opportunity to work on existing and new applications, and gain tremendous experience in multiple functional areas setting the stage for a well rounded career in development.

Responsibilities :
1. Collaborating with back-end developers and designers to build and maintain high quality products on the web
2. Developing new user-facing features
3. Taking ownership of the features built and maintaining them by using software engineering best practices
4. Constantly learning new best practices and technologies and adopting them

Skills and Requirements :
1. Proficiency in web markups including HTML5 and CSS3
2. Strong fundamentals in Javascript and clear understanding of Javascript classes, prototype based inheritance, modules, etc
3. Knowledge of Javascript frameworks such as AngularJS / EmberJS / ReactJS 4. and libraries like Backbone / JQuery
5. Experience in CSS preprocessors like SASS and LESS
6. Working knowledge of cross-browser and cross-platform design issues
Awareness of emerging technologies

Why Tenmiles?
Because we are a great team with wonderful products promising career growth, work life balance and some perks. Read on to find out

Perks :
+ Flexibility - you decide your work timings!
+ A Mac
+ Unlimited foosball
+ Some fun events put together

Benefits :
+ Competitive Salary
+ Company paid medical / accidental insurance coverage

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What We're Building

Our product offerings include:
1. HappyFox - a cloud based customer support heldesk software (won an award for the best help desk software 2015 by PC Magazine)

2. HappyFox Chat - LiveChat Solution for websites (Voted as #1 live chat app by product hunt last year)

3. DoAttend - one of Asia's largest online event registration platforms

Other products - HelpDesk Pilot, Wonderful Day

Our "Happy" Customers - Warner Bros., Sennheiser, Southern Travels, Total Environment, MathCraft and many more...

Come, be a part of our growth story while creating yours!
Just like that :)
Our office could be your office!
Here's top 10 reasons you should consider working at Tenmiles for: 1. Swanky office, funky decor, stylish upholstery - we don't have it all! We are a simple workplace filled with genius and happy people who share our passion for product development. 2. We love technology - and we love to work on Mac :) 3. We have created and continue working on some amazing products such as HappyFox, HappyFox Chat to simplify customer support for businesses. 4. We are a no hierarchy company! Yes, that's how we collaborate. 5. We make mistakes. We learn from them. We get better. This applies to everybody in the company. 6. Work is fun and fun at work. That's how we roll! 7. Open work culture, coffee and conversations, serious brainstorming, idea sharing, flexible approach, good work life balance. 8. We encourage you to bring in ideas, take up ownership and responsibility and drive things. 9. Continuous learning and skill development and a platform to upscale your career. 10. Competitive salary coupled with some benefits
We do some serious thinking!
We are always focused!
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Tenmiles Technologies Team

Shalin Jain
Founder & CEO HappyFox Inc / Tenmiles Tech
Shajahan Sheriff
CEG IT, Full stack ninja, Bootstrap and Angularjs, vuejs
Sarath Damaraju
Master of science in Software Engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai. Good hands on experience on HTML5, CSS3, JS and React.
Mani Bharathi
Customer Success Associate at HappyFox Chat, Startup-Guy, Entrepreneur Enthusiast, Founder of, SaaS Enthusiast.
sakthivel R
I am a front end web developer. I am strong HTML, CSS and JQuery.
Sureshkumar Bala Subramaniam
Startup guy, Passionate about Android app development.
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