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A video platform to share and buy into experiences. Social Media meets event management.

Tell Em' is an app for social experiences. Imagine if technology could improve live experiences outside of our mobile phones. Chatting, posting, and viewing videos are enjoyable experiences. Being on social media, watching friends post their images and videos at events is a lot of fun. Yes, we had to admit, social media is a lot of fun. But like anything, it can get tiring when you only watch your friend's experiences, but never get a chance to experience the same. When this happens, how cool would it be to just swipe up on your iPhone (android app to follow) app, and buy tickets to that event within few minutes? Read More
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What We're Building

The main idea was to create a mobile application that allows users to tell their stories directly from their perspective, but most especially, to give family and friends the opportunity to share in those experiences.

With a video and message sharing platform that supports event sharing, and bill-split, users are able to experience moments together, while getting rewarded for attending and sharing events.

Jobs at Tell Em'

Tell Em' Team

Felix Ekwueme
Founder @Tell Em' @TechVillagers,• CTO @ICE Commercial Power. Former Software Engineer and Product Manager at @IBM

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