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Social Network for Immersive experiences

TeliportMe is the largest social network for Immersive experiences including VR and 3D. We have over 10M users with over 2M contributing to our network monthly. Building real technology in the areas of Image processing, VR and Mobile are the key focuses around which the TeliportMe products are built.

What We're Building

TeliportMe today is the largest social network for immersive experiences and biggest VR ready content. Our app Panorama360 is the most used Panorama app on the Android Play store.

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Open Positions


Jesly Varghese
iOS developer @TeliportMe. Love at first sight with computers. Ruby lover, ex-php programmer.
Varun Nayak
Developer @TeliportMe

Our Investors

Bill Gross
Founder @Idealab. Created more than 100 companies leading to 45 IPO's & acquisitions, including 7 more than $1 Billion exits, including Goto, @Citysearch ...
Steve Bennet
Start-up CFO, Angel Investor and Professor
Dave McClure
Founding Partner @500 Startups (prev: @PayPal, Facebook @fbFund, @Founders Fund ). Geek, former developer, entrepreneur, marketing, ultimate frisbee, sith lord.
Alessandro Piol
New York Venture Capitalist • Founder @AlphaPrime Ventures @Vedanta Capital, AT&T Ventures, Pixel Machines • @Columbia University, @Harvard Business School.
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