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Social Esports Spectating in VR

Teleporter is a disruptive virtual reality (VR) startup focused on Live Event Experience for live sports, music and e-sports events. Read More
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What We're Building

Teleporter VR creates a live & social esports spectating experience in Virtual Reality. The company aims to move the passion of new-age competitive sports into the reality they belong. Teleporter combines VR and AI technologies to build a digital arena open to participation from all around the world, for the future of competition.

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Teleporter VR Team

Melih Oksuzoglu
Head of E-Sports @Teleporter VR
Melda Kaptan
Industrial Designer, Design Geek, have pasionate about learning UX Design.
Nihat Emre Yüksel
Lead Software Developer @Teleporter VR, Tech Geek, Google Searcher, Data Fancier, Former AppAnalytics Employee
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Teleporter VR Investors

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