Ted Collins

CTO @Playrific, Founded and brought to liquidity 7 startups. 100+ Acquisitions. @Platinum Tech to CA ($3.6B in 1999). CEO InterAct Public Safety, 52%CAGR, JD, BA.

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What I Do

Principally software, some hardware. Strong operational background, mixed with technical expertise and ability to be a player/coach on the technical team. Primary experience in acquisition and growth, as well as turnarounds. Proven record in sales and go-to-market for new and re-launched products.


Founded and brought to liquidity 7 startups. Ran 1/5 of Platinum technology, participated in 70+ acquisitions, revenue from $100M to $1.1B in 3 years. Grew division of divine, inc. to $128M, completed 32 acquisitions. CEO InterAct Public Safety, brought company profitable, 52% CAGR, opened 15 countries, doubled customers in 3 years.

What I'm Looking For

Socially beneficial, as opposed to purely profit-motive, software growth or turnaround opportunities