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TECH COAST ANGELS (TCA) is one of the largest and most active network of angel investors in the US comprising of 5 chapters and over 300 members located across Southern California. TCA actively supports early and mid-stage entrepreneurs to turn game-changing ideas with high growth potential into successful, sustainable and scalable businesses. Alongside with financial support, TCA provides coaching, industry expertise and valuable contacts. For more information visit us at HERE.


TCA typically screens several hundred companies/year in a wide range of industries (Molecular & Clinical Diagnostics, Medical Devices, Biotech/Drug Development, Social Media, Digital Marketing, High-Tech, Software, etc.) and funds 50-60 companies/year with overall investments of $10-20M/year. Since we started operations in 1997, TCA members have invested over $190M in more than 330 venture start-ups.

Deals which get most traction among our membership, will be syndicated on AngelList, typically through one of our Angel Capital Entrepreneurial (ACE) Funds.

Sergio Gurrieri
Business Development
CHAIRMAN, Tech Coast Angels CFO & TREASURER, TCA - San Diego
Amir Banifatemi
Entrepreneur, Investor, Product Strategist MP @k5 Ventures Lead AI @Xprize 2 Curator @tedxla Board Member & Emeritus President at @tech Coast Angels
Ray Chan
Managing Director @k5vp , @tech-coast-angels , Venture Partner @tech-coast-angels ACE Fund, active investor.
Dave Berkus
Founder of @leisurelink, @gamespy, @ip3-networks, @computerized-lodging-systems. Advisor to @vokle. Team member of @adventurelink-travel.
Mike Panesis
Entrepreneur and Angel Investor. Chairman Emeritus of Board of Governors of @tech-coast-angels. Executive Director of Cal Lutheran Center for Entrepreneurship
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Nick Moran
GP @NewStackVentures Founder @TheFullRatchet @VentureWeekly @MoranCapitalPartners #IoT #Hardware Swim coach, beer geek, tech nerd
Ashok Kamal
CEO @tech-coast-angels | Angel @outsite @grovecollab etc. | Founder | Aspiring surfer, Fantasy baseball aficionado, Presentist
Joshua Maher
Founder @seattle-angel-conference, @dorsalfin • Worked at @microsoft, @emc • Studied at @northeastern-university
Eric Gasser
Brian Dirkmaat
Attorney for startup companies.
Lisa Rich
Founder@Xplore Founder@Hemisphere Ventures Founder@BrainyQuote, Strategist, Speaker, Frontier Tech investor in synthetic biology, robotics, drones and space.
Amanda Lettmann
COO/ Founder/Investor in Tech - empowering transformations for entrepreneurs. @simpledisability • @kardia-ventures @adobe-systems, @emc @USMilitary
He is a decision maker
Amir will offer a different perspective--his product expertise is deep, and he'll give you feedback on a very technical perspective and work hard to give you constructive criticism and introductions within his network.
Jared Goralnick
Founder of a company Amir Banifatemi invested in
Highly patient, with deep insight and grasp of vision even at a basic concept stage. Prompt with correspondence. Zero ego! Very helpful!
Dev Chatterjee
Founder of a company Amir Banifatemi took an intro to
I co-invest with Amir anytime. His knowledge, insights and no nonsense approach allow me to make better and smarter investment decisions. He is a great advisor as well.
Ray Chan
Co-investor in a company Amir Banifatemi invested in
Amir is a brilliant and thoughtful mentor.
Katherine Krug
Founder of a company Amir Banifatemi invested in
Amir is an amazing investor. He invested in our startup, BrokerRoster. He's been a great asset.
Amir is a colleague and friend of a few years. His grasp of market opportunity is unparalleled and he is among the few investors who has cut his teeth on the product side of corporate development. Having numerous successes as a business unit builder and overall doer who understands operations...more
I'd recommend Amir for any company looking for funding. Amir is a supportive investor who never once put himself above the needs of SignNow, a company I was CEO of and he invested in. You could point to a handful of good investors to have in Southern California, and he would be one of them....more
Amir has always been available to us for advice and is one of the best-known and well-respected investors in Southern California. He really cares about building a community of entrepreneurs and encouraging a culture of risk-taking and innovation.
Amir has been an engaged investor who's connected Faraday with valuable media opportunities and other resources - we're fortunate to have him on board.
Forward-thinking and supportive investor.
I have known Amir for more than three years now. He is fairly understated when you first meet him, he doesn't make a big deal out of himself. He has brought great value to our company on direction, product and bizdev. Most of all he is decisive and very committed even when things don't go...more
Top ranking investor and entrepreneur with a strong innovation success history and leading scientist foundation.
For Amir Banifatemi's investment at K5 Ventures
Amir is great to work with. He is a knowledgeable and experienced investor. Amir has a good eye for spotting the fulcrum of a problem. He can help focus the actions around solutions with the most leverage and impact.
Amir is one of the most engaged angel investors I know. He's a valued Tech Coast Angels leader, and his work at K5 has been phenomenal!
knowledgeable and reputable.
Mana Lewis
For Amir Banifatemi's work with Chez Mana
He is a decision maker
TCA Investor
For Amir Banifatemi's work at ACE Investment Funds
Ray is the real entrepreneur's friend. He is really dedicated and caring about their project as if it was his, and even more. On more than one occasion, I had the opportunity to see him in action and saw how he made a difference in strategy, operations, marketing and general competitive...more
Amir Banifatemi
Co-investor in a company Ray Chan invested in
I'd recommend Ray for any company looking for funding. Ray works in a wide range of roles to help build the Southern California ecosystem, and is someone to appreciate in the area. Ray is a supportive investor who never once put himself above the needs of SignNow, a company I was CEO of and...more
Chris Hawkins
Founder of a company Ray Chan invested in
Ray adds a lot of value to the startup community. From advising to investing in companies, Ray has become a pivotal leader in the Southern California Angel/Startup community. I thank Ray for his time and patience he gives to the companies he works with.
Ray's intelligence, empathy, and relentless energy make him a phenomenal asset to us: our business, the Southern California startup community, and to everyone he works with.
Ray is passionate about the startups he backs and is a tireless advocate for them. He has a ton of energy and works hard to help the founders in his portfolio.
Ray is a great advisor, investor and entrepreneur. From running operations to fundraising, he's a great resource to have on your side.
Ray is just the best. I talk to him probably once a quarter. The first thing he says, every time, we get on the phone: What can I do to help? Who can I introduce you to? Enthusiastic, passionate, smart. Can't ask for a better partner at any stage of your company.
Ray is a smart, helpful, responsive and active investor. He has been an incredible advocate for our company as well as assisting us in things like introducing us to other potential investors as well as making high level introductions to potential clients. Thanks a lot Ray!
Ray brings a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge in marketing and launching products.
Lead Seed Round investors
Dave was the Chairman of the Board while I was CEO. His wisdom, calm demeanor and deep insights make him an extremely valuable Board member. We worked through several large, complex financings and always got good results. It was a pleasure working with him.
Erik Hovanec
Co-investor in a company Dave Berkus invested in
Dave is a long-time, well-known luminary across a broad range of companies. I had the pleasure of working with Dave many years, and am honored to do so again as an advisor to PixiePath.
Bryan Elliot
For Dave Berkus's work with PixiePath
He generously offered his expertise with our previous startup and offers us tremendous insight in moving forward with our building a successful vacation rental and activity site.
Michael Bolger
For Dave Berkus's work with
He is a decision maker
TCA Investor
For Dave Berkus's work at ACE Investment Funds
Extremely helpful in helping to polish our first cut at a pitch deck. Great insights into how and who to pitch to on the Central Coast. Volunteered to do LinkedIn intros to other individuals that he felt could help our business.
Jen Lilienstein
Founder of a company Mike Panesis took an intro to
understands the needs of investors
Sheldon Goldman
Founder of a company Mike Panesis took an intro to
Mike is a great investor to have. Provides excellent insight and is always encouraging.
Chris Herbert
Founder of a company Mike Panesis invested in
He has a great talent for identifying and applying relevant trends to new opportunities in the marketplace. He maintains the highest level of integrity across all aspects of his work. It's always motivating to see just how much Mike cares about the work, the people and the results. Along with...more
I had the privilege of meeting Mike while at the Technology Management Program @ UCSB. He ran the first New Venture Competition that I ever participated in.

Using his patient personality and sage advice, Mike adds a tremendous amount of value to any project that he spends his mental energy on.
Amir Khazaieli
For Mike Panesis's work with fathhome
Mike is a great teacher. He has the unique ability to motivate others to act on their ideas.
Invested in private equity crowdfunding campaign on
Oliver Thornton
For Mike Panesis's investment at Coding Autism
I would describe Mike Panesis as silent leader that helps people reach success.
Amazing teacher, advisor, community leader. His experience and energy makes anything possible.
Evan Brandt
For Mike Panesis's work with FamWe
Mike Panesis is the Executive Director, Cal Lutheran Center for Entrepreneurship & Hub101, & a Tech Coast Angel
Robin Palmer
For Mike Panesis's work with FlyteBike LLC
He is a decision maker
TCA Investor
For John Harbison's work at ACE Investment Funds
John is a seasoned businessman and early stage Angel Investor. He now sits as the Chairman of Emeritus/Board of Governors at Tech Coast Angels.
John is an excellent member of our team with ample experience in business development, fundraising, and team building.
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