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Revolutionizing the jewelry experience for the millennial generation.

Teaman & Company is changing the jewelry industry by introducing clients to extraordinary artisanal jewelry and gemstones they've never seen before. We're growing fast, and aiming to help modernise an ancient industry. On the technical side, we're working to develop a way for people to custom design their own jewelry - choosing from thousands of unique gemstones. We're combining this with beautiful renders, photography and 3D printing to change the way people buy luxury goods online. Read More
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What We're Building

Teaman & Company is the luxury colored gemstone engagement ring company -  the online jeweler for the millennial generation. Millennials seeking fine jewelry find retail stores uncomfortable, and are turning online to discover the most unique products and to seek out incredible jewelry. They’re expecting technology enabled luxury services that are currently lacking online. We’re using 3D printing to turn living rooms into storefronts, developing modern web-based service technology [creating the for jewelry management], and capitalizing on multi-generational industry relationships in a $275 billion industry. We’re partnering with manufacturers, mine site holders and leading gemologist to create a scalable service to bring clients an online high-end luxury jewelry experience with products they’ve never seen before.

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Chloé Alpert
Growth @Teespring , Director @Happy Pay Inc, Founder & CEO @Teaman & Company
John Motlow
Tenacious, multidisciplinary sales exec and marketer with a mind for innovative strategy. Co-Founder @Sales Bootcamp
Matt Foutz
For 18 years I've tried my hand at consumer marketing and product mgmt. in Europe to co-founder of a jewelry manufacturing company to crowd funding startup.

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