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Uplyft is made up of key members across functions (marketing, product, growth, engineering, operations) who have worked at Lyft. We know the recipe for growing a successful consumer business, and have the pattern recognition to identify winners. Our edge is that we get exclusive dealflow based on the Lyft founder and investor network.

We are a powerful, active community that supports early-stage founders looking to raise capital while getting help from us along the way. Founders give us an allocation in their fundraising rounds because they understand the value of getting support from the Lyft network.

By joining this community, you will have access to unique investing opportunities and will be able to help founders grow their business.


We want to hear about early-stage consumer startups that we think an army of Lyft talent can help grow (marketplace, transportation, or broader consumer tech). If you know a founder who we should know, message us.

Brian Nichols
Head of Partnerships at On Deck, Syndicate lead at Uplyft, Angel Track (First Round Capital)
Paul Thompson
Product & UX Consultant, formerly Employee #12 at Lyft
Ann Miura Ko
Seed Fund
Co-Founding Managing Partner @floodgate. Lead seed investor in @xamarin-5 , @lyft, , @ayasdi, @refinery29. @stanford-university PhD/Lecturer
Jaydon Robinson
Former founder, early Lyft, sales leader
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Kira Wampler
Seasoned leader with a passion for product & sustainable growth. Former CMO at Lyft & Trulia. Former CEO at (exit to Walmart). BOD at Personal Capital.
Bakari Brock
Lyft BizOps. Ex-@Twitter lawyer. Ex-YouTube lawyer. Georgian at heart. Californian by location. Good things: music. tech. geo. mobile. snowboarding.
Eric Burdullis
Eric Burdullis is the VP of Customer Experience and Trust at Lyft where he has built and developed customer obsessed teams.
Ann Ferracane
Founder & Partner at Patch Ventures • Worked at @lyft, @linkedin, @google.
David Baga
Chief Business Officer @lyft-1. Worked at @rocketlawyer @oracle, @ibi and @trapezo.
Amit Patel
Director of Emerging BD at Lyft. Angel investor. Advisor.
Erin Anderson
Ex early Lyft, ex Postmates, currently in Global Ops at Airbnb
David Rust
Previously employee #20 at Lyft. Founder at Partner at Redesign Health. Forbes 30 Under 30.
Brian is energetic and positive. He has a strong network and keen sense for good people. He has been great at identifying startups for investment opportunities.
Extremely resourceful, encouraging, and thinks outside the box to really help her investment become a success. It's one thing to support an entrepreneur with money, and it's another to be there for critical brainstorming sessions, warnings of what not to do, and to constantly connect the...more
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