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New York City, New York · Full Time
Teachable is changing the landscape of education by making it easy to teach and sell courses online. Our goal is to equip people with all the tools they need to share their unique knowledge and skills. Read More
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Job Description

What the role entails:

Are you a marketer who is amazing at writing sales copy? We want you.

**Note: This is not primarily a blogging role—this is sales copy.**

What your goals will be:

- When users visit our sales pages they’ll sign up for a Teachable account.
- We will hit or exceed our registration goals for webinars and other events.
- People will take action in our webinars, like signing up or upgrading their plan.
- Our paid ads will drive leads to our email list.
- Our list will open our emails at a high rate and get excited about what’s inside.
- Everything we release has the signature Teachable voice and speaks straight to our community.

How you’ll achieve these goals:

As a member of the growth team, you’ll decide exactly how to meet the goals we’ve set as a team. Here are a few things we know you’ll work on—but it’s your job to decide exactly what it takes.

- Write high-converting, engaging webinar scripts
- Write webinar presentation copy
- Write high-converting marketing emails
- Write targeted sales page and registration page copy
- Write copy for paid ads and work with the automation manager to test copy
- Set up A/B tests for headlines, CTAs, subject lines, sales page layouts, etc.
- Create and maintain a brand voice guide for use across teams

Experience and skills:

- 2 to 5 years of professional experience writing sales copy.

- Work samples from course launches, marketing emails, webinar scripts, webinar presentations, etc.

‌- Excellent writing skills and the ability to tailor your voice to a target audience.

- A proven record of working well with a team of other marketers, plus designers, developers, etc.

- Demonstrated marketing knowhow and the ability to work concurrently on several fast-paced marketing projects with tight deadlines.

- For example, you can juggle all the components of a project at once, like creating a webinar script and presentation, working on an email invite workflow with our automation manager, creating copy for paid ads, or working with designers/developers on the registration page...all while responding to brand/copy questions from outside the content team.

More about you:

- You write copy that people have a hard time looking away from.

- You’re already considered a go-to person for sales copy, and friends and colleagues ask you to review their work.

- You get nerdy about writing great copy and trying out “growth hacks,” like testing headlines, adding numbers to email subject lines, changing CTA text, and running A/B tests.

- You have a knack for writing sales copy that converts...without sounding slimy or disingenuous.

- You’re kind of obsessed with grammar and punctuation, and you get annoyed with things like improper use of an en-dash or em-dash.

- You’re comfortable creating a webinar from soup to nuts, including brainstorming, validating an idea, creating the presentation copy, scripting the webinar for the presenters, and marketing it via email.

- You love digging into what makes a brand, and you’re good at creating and adopting a brand voice.

- You don’t need to be told exactly what to do every day, and you know how to take a project and run with it.

Who you are NOT:

- Looking to build a portfolio of blog posts and articles.
- A creative writer without marketing experience.
- Afraid of being salesy.

Why Us:

Teachable is an instructor-focused online course platform which lets course creators build and sell courses on any topic, from iOS development to watercolor painting to card tricks.

Our thousands of instructors have earned more than $35M, and we have grown 5x in the past year with a 7-figure run rate. We’ve also just raised $4.5M from a group of top venture investors to build the perfect team to hit our goals.

We're a small, tight-knit team of smart people who like to get things done with minimal management/meetings/overhead. And we love our jobs.

At Teachable, you will have the freedom to do your job without getting sucked into a bureaucratic mess. If you want to do something you believe will help us grow, you don’t need to ask a hundred people for permission. And you can do it all in a laid-back office with a tight-knit team.

You’ll also get access to an ever-growing base of online educators, and your work will be shared with hundreds of thousands of online educators, entrepreneurs, and creatives.

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What We're Building

Teachable lets anyone easily create and sell online courses on a beautiful, self-branded website.

We have 7,500 active teachers (and counting), who to date have made over $36 million teaching over 3 million students on Teachable-powered online schools.

Our customers range from individual instructors teaching skills like photography, programming, cake decorating, and design to larger enterprise clients like the New York Times, Mozilla, and University of Pennsylvania. The product is also an ideal option for companies training employees, entrepreneurs expanding their influence, and anyone who has knowledge to share.

In a matter of minutes, Teachable allows you to create a powerful, payment-ready course without any technical knowledge. While many use Teachable for video-based classes, instructors have also used it to sell books, services, offline classes, tutoring, and webinars. With the flexibility we offer, the only limits are ambition and imagination.

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