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A new generation learning platform for web and mobile devices

With more than 7 billion people in the known galaxy, we think it is time to change our way of teaching and learning. That small device that nobody can live without, called a smartphone, has the potential to connect us with the world’s knowledge and best teachers. Why not use it as our trusted companion for learning? We believe we can help teachers to unleash their true potential using our simple and powerful technology. We believe we can help them teach beyond the limits of the traditional classroom, reaching out to more people, teaching differently. We believe we can help them teach on Mars! Read More

What We're Building

Learning platform for a mobile world : With Teach on Mars technology, one can create stunning learning programs that really work on mobile devices.

Teach on Mars is a mobile learning platform for all trainers in the galaxy. It helps people learn more with great learning activities and social features.

We like to think that we contribute to a better world through better education.

Jobs at Teach on Mars

Teach on Mars Team

Vincent Desnot
Heading to Mars
Nicolas Goutaland
Worked at Teach on Mars
Michael Laguerre
R&D Engineer @Teach on Mars - Android Expert
Hugo Vivier
Marketing Ninja
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