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Taulia empowers global 2000 firms to generate $10+ million/year in savings by offering to pay suppliers ahead of schedule if they agree to discount their invoices Read More
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With Taulia, organizations can transform their payables process, which has traditionally been viewed as a cost center, into a revenue generator. Through a comprehensive product suite including electronic invoicing, supplier self-services and full spectrum supplier financing, Taulia turns every invoice into a savings opportunity; strengthening supplier relationships while adding millions to the bottom line.

That’s why global brands like Home Depot, Hallmark, Pfizer and Coca-Cola rely on Taulia to connect them to their suppliers and strengthen their supply chain.

"Without a doubt I know we made the right choice in our vendor and solution selection"
Marcia Golden, Director, Coca-Cola Bottling

Open Positions


Bertram Meyer
CEO at @Taulia Inc., San Francisco
Philip Stehlik
Entrepreneur, Tech-Geek, Advisor, Maker. I create, fix and run things.
Markus Ament
Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at @Taulia. Co-founder of @Ebydos (sold to ReadSoft).
Martin Quensel
MD Europe and CEO of @Taulia Germany
Dana Kittrelle
Product Manager at @Taulia
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