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Tapp That App

Android Developer at Tapp That App

San Francisco, Sacramento, Silicon Valley, Remote · Contract
At Tapp That App, we see a future of social discovery and recommendations for applications that make a user's life richer and a developers life more prosperous. Read More
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Job Description

Looking for an Android Developer to help us finish our MVP with the following skillset:

-Java - using a framework called Dropwizard

-Rxjava is a library we use extensively

The opportunity is potentially a Co-Founder position if that's of interest to you.

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What We're Building

We are unleashing the powerful influence that apps have on culture by creating a platform that combines mobile apps with the people who use them. Through Tapp That App people are able to curate and share the apps that are relevant to them with their friends and the rest of the world. Viral trends and meaningful recommendations are now just a tap away as users can easily browse playlists and virtual home screens of the people that are important to them.

In addition, we are exploring a new model for app ownership as part of Tapp That App that is based on a SaaS revenue model similar to Netflix. Essentially we would work with app and game developers to license a library of titles that we would then offer to subscription members for a flat monthly fee. These apps and games would be free to download and would have either completely free in-app purchases or discounts, making app ownership much more approachable and accessible for billions of mobile users.

Launched at SXSW and on Product Hunt
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Tapp That App Team

Charlie Hinojosa
I create a variety of things where technology, art and inspiration collide. Founded Sightbox in 2011. Co-Founded Tapp That App in 2016.
Nathan Thompson
Advertising and Digital Agency creative veteran who now pursues entrepreneurial ventures with his grade school friend, Charlie Hinojosa and Sightbox.
Silvie Nshanyan
Founder Eventurous • Project Manager at @Warner Bros., @The Walt Disney Company • Studied CS & HCI @University of California San Diego (UCSD)
David Z
I'm a passionate Android engineer looking for a role where I will impact both the app and business success.

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