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Connecting to a world of talent & entrepreneurs. Join us at were new businesses thrive. is the world’s first bilingual business social network for China and USA-based entrepreneurs, SMEs (small and medium businesses) and investors looking to expand into international markets. The platform simplifies business development by connecting users based on common business goals and desired resources. Read More
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What We're Building is a free bilingual business social networking platform that helps entrepreneurs build teams. It connects entrepreneurs based on common business goals and desired resources.
Most entrepreneurs have very good ideas, but often lack the resources, talent, and support necessary to build them.
Our mission is to create an online ecosystem to help entrepreneurs grow. We seek to create a lifeline that would benefit early-stage startups, connect established businesses to qualified providers and empowering all entrepreneurs and small businesses. eliminates barriers to finding, initiating, and building new business partnerships between the US and China.

Key features:

✓Attract Talent, Partners & Investors
✓Easily Search for Talent to Build Your Team
✓Identify the Right Investment
✓Grow Your Business Network in the United States & China
✓Convenient Tools to Eliminate Language Barriers
✓Communicate with an Online Community Intent on Creating Opportunities

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Jobs at (operated by Ebiztie Inc) (operated by Ebiztie Inc) Team

Ella Lu
Founder @ebiztie MBA/CPA
Jesse Marcus
Business/Marketing Associate @Nolymit Marketing Manager (operated by Ebiztie Inc) (6 months)

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