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Director, Customer Acquisition at Tandem Capital

Burlingame · Full Time
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Job Description

We're looking for someone to lead our customer acquisition efforts for our clients here at Tandem Studio. We already have capabilities on the team, but are looking for someone who absolutely loves paid media and wants to build a team around it. We help our clients (large and small) figure out how to cost-effectively acquire customers. However, this isn't a typical UA job, as you'll also spend a lot of time providing creative and analytical insights to clients helping them push their broader strategy, content, and messaging.


-5+ years working on UA as a full-time employee or contractor at an agency, gaming company, venture-backed firm or large tech company
-Basic knowledge and understanding of statistics
-Bonus points if you've built a predictive LTV formula for your ads before
-Master of analytics and acquisition tools such as Adespresso, Adstage, Google Analytics, etc.
-Built multiple UA strategies from scratch for new products
-Knowledge of the major ad platforms Facebook, LinkedIn, Adwords, Twitter, -Google Display Network, etc.
-You've been hands on building out UA campaigns but also can take a step back and look at the bigger picture of tools, process, and strategy
-You've managed and trained a team of UA folks
-Managed ad spend of >$1M per month on a regular basis


-You probably have at least some agency background and really see yourself as a paid media ninja.
-You've loved working with internal and external “clients” and they loved working with you
-You probably got frustrated with the tools available today for analyzing ads so you built your own crazy spreadsheet at one point
-You’re constantly trying out new platforms and tools while trying to invent and tweak methods to get your work done.
-You might call yourself a “growth hacker”, but that term may also make you cringe, because you do so much more
-You love the acronyms LTV, CAC, CPC, CTR, CPI, etc.
-You probably manage way too many parts of your life via spreadsheets
-You have excellent communication skills and possess the ability to explain your ideas in clear methodical ways
-You must be great at cranking work out but also really appreciate the broader strategy behind the work
-You keep up with tech trends whether via Medium, Hacker News, TechCrunch, or some cool new blog
-You've probably backed some Kickstarter projects...potentially to the disdain of your significant other
-You think about the design of everything, not just the work you do. You're constantly critiquing the things around you.
-You're a self-proclaimed nerd and love to talk about your craft and your next project.
-You've got an awesome portfolio and can't wait to keep building on it, because well, you're awesome.
-You love the early stage of building businesses. You live for working in the unknown and pushing yourself to learn.
-Someone told you to read The Lean Startup. You read it, and said, “I already do this.”
-You like teaching your craft and helping advance others around you.

-We're goofy and fun but hard working
-We believe in balance between professional & personal life.
-We love creativity and people that think outside the box
-We take pride in our work and always deliver our best
-We’re entrepreneurs and makers with a knack for executing
-We’re holistic in our approach due to our generalist natures
-We care about the long term success of businesses we work with. We're equity holders in them.

Tandem consists of two collaborative entities (Tandem Capital and Tandem Studio). Tandem Capital is a seed-based fund providing entrepreneurs with up to $2M of venture capital.

Tandem Studio incubates its own businesses and partners with 3rd party clients as well as Tandem Capital portfolio companies to execute creative and data-driven go-to-market strategies. The Studio has seen many successes working to develop successful go-to-market strategies for companies such as Tile & pHin. As a partner to companies we invest for the long term and work as an extension of the internal teams. We help prove out strategies and then advise companies on how to continue to scale our success with in-house teams.

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What We're Building

Tandem Capital is a seed-stage venture fund and studio helping drive go-to-market innovation.

Our fund backs stellar teams whose innovation extends beyond their products into how they acquire their customers, develop their distribution channels and build their overall brands. Tandem leads and co-leads rounds with up to $500K in pre-seed and up to $2M in seed funding. We reserve a significant amount of capital in order to support our founder long-term through follow-on funding.

Our studio helps companies craft business strategies, build brands, acquire customers and extend distribution channels. Our dedicated studio team engages deeply with a company's business, to help find product-market fit and accelerate early growth. The studio provides support primarily to businesses selling products and services directly to individuals, including: connected devices, consumer packaged goods and subscription services.

Portfolio companies include: Tile, pHin, and Bash Gaming (acquired).

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