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Business Development Intern at TalkJS

Eindhoven · Internship

Don't write a report that ends up in somebody's drawer. Make your internship count and graduate at a startup! Come do your internship at TalkJS, a fast-moving tech startup in Eindhoven. We offer ridiculously much freedom, a great working culture and a challenging results-driven environment.

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Job Description

## About us

TalkJS is an Eindhoven-based tech startup. Our product lets online marketplace businesses add buyer-seller chat to their sites with zero effort. We're a small team of 4 but we'll be growing during your internship.

Our product is highly focused at a fast-growing niche and we're currently growing superlinearly. Nevertheless, we have a fun and relaxed working culture with full mutual trust. This works because we're all highly proactive and we're all able do get things right, fast, at the first try. We expect the same from you.

## The internship

As Business Development Intern at TalkJS, you'll contribute significantly to the sales and marketing strategies of our company. If you're up for it, we'd like you to own the process entirely. We're a small team without management layers so owning the process means both planning it and executing it. That said, we do everything together and you’ll get all the support you need.

Our product, also called TalkJS, is a cloud-hosted SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) product targeted at developers and tech enterpreneurs ( It lets programmers add realtime messaging between users to their site in under 10 minutes. Our customers are technically oriented and we expect you to be able to communicate in technical terms. If software technology scares you, don't apply. That said, programming skill is not required.

Our product is very new, so initial sales will be very high-contact. As we grow, we expect customers to need less hand-holding because the product is more mature and better documented. Your responsibilities will gradually shift from sales to marketing during this transition.

## Your responsibilities

- Find leads by any means possible
- Convert these leads into super-happy customers
- Help our customers get the most value out of TalkJS. Help solve problems, suggest ways they can use it better.
- Help set up an effective marketing strategy for superlinear growth

## Job requirements

Our bar is high, and so is yours. Apply if all of the following applies to you:

- You study for a commercial or technical degree at a university (3rd year or later)
- You speak and write English fluently
- You're comfortable with highly technical products
- You've demonstrable hands-on "getting things done" skills, for example through a board position in a student association, a company of your own, or other (volunteer) work.
- You don't sit and wait until you're told what to do

The following are nice-to-haves; not required but be sure to mention this if it applies to you!
- Some programming experience
- Some experience making a website or app (even if it's trash :-) )
- You study a technology/business crossover, such as Industrial Engineering & Management, Innovation Sciences, or Industrial Design
- Prior marketing or sales experience, of any kind

## We offer

- Experience a fast-moving startup from the inside
- Work closely together in a small tightly-knit team
- Zero bureaucracy: as much freedom and responsibility as you can handle
- Contribute significantly to the success of the company
- Lots of hands-on experience with technical sales and marketing
- An awesome work place at a 5 minute walk from Eindhoven train station - Ability to work remotely some of the time, if you wish.

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What We're Building

Online platforms, marketplaces and other apps are rushing to add realtime user-to-user messaging to their sites. Users expect communication to be fast and direct, platform owners need it to happen on their platform and not elsewhere. This is cost intensive to get right, and so far only the largest platforms succeed (eg AirBnB,, Upwork all released realtime messaging in the last 12 months).

Our product
TalkJS is a user-to-user messaging component that you can integrate into your site as easily as a YouTube video. It allows you to directly connect e.g. a buyer and a seller on your marketplace without involvement from customer support staff. Read more about the product or try the demo.

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TalkJS Team

Joshua Schoenaker
Digital product designer and entrepreneur.
Egbert Teeselink
Co-founder of TalkJS; software architect and online marketer.
Marcin Koba
All-around developer, knowledge cruncher, creative thinker