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List aggregator and booking facilitator for music recording studios

Talking Studios is a listing aggregator for recording, music, voice over, background, photography and videography studios. It provides a list and contact information for studios in your neighborhood or as per your search parameters.
This is a Forever Free product for both studios and users to help users gain access to studios with ease. Kindly support and share this initiative to further its reach.

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What We're Building

Talking Studios is a list aggregator for recording music, voice over, background music, photography and videography studios. We offer a list and contact information of studios in your neighborhood or as per search parameters.

By 2018, Talking Studio will also facilitate booking studio time through the app itself.

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Jobs at Talking Studios

Talking Studios Team

Kunal Kumar
Founder @Something Cool • CEH CHFI VCP CCNA • Published author • Novice music composer • Traveller • Worked at @British Telecom @Orange @Dell @HCL Tech
Ghanshyam Verma
CTO @Something Cool Full stack developer, web applications, frontend, backend, mobile friendly, project managment, php development, website maintenance and SEO
Yush Bhardwaj
Product Developer @Something Cool

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