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Some easy math: what do you get when you take 29 Bay Area commuters, 2 cute office dogs, and the massive problem of solo-driving? You get Scoop; the company that’s making it easy to carpool to work with your neighbors and co-workers. The Scoop app is the modern solution to the age-old problem of carpooling. Read More

What We're Building

Scoop’s automated carpool solution enables commuters to schedule and share their commutes, saving time, money, and the environment. Scoop partners with major employers to offer Scoop as the primary commuting alternative to their employees.

The Scoop iOS and Android apps enable commuters to request a carpool for each commute trip, 1-way at a time and without any long-term commitment. Scoop fits the unpredictable lives of commuters by fitting their schedules and not locking them into a recurring carpool. Scoop’s algorithm places commuters into carpools with neighbors and co-workers based on a wide variety of factors to optimize their commute. The entire process takes seconds to complete and Scoop handles logistics, driver safety checks, sharing of expenses, and trip coordination. Scoop users split the cost of the commute and riders reimburse the driver for gas and the cost of wear and tear to the car.

Current employer partners include Cisco, Workday, Sandisk, Airbnb and many more.

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Open Positions


Robert Sadow
Wharton '08 Grad (Management, Legal Studies & Business Ethics); Bain AC --> Manager specializing in Customer Strategy & Marketing; Founder at Scoop Technologies
Jonathan Sadow
Founder at @Scoop • Worked at @Google • Studied at @George Washington University
Cassy Rowe
Hands on UX and Design lead with programming background. Degrees in MIS and Entrepreneurship and graduate degree in HCI. 10+ yrs experience in UX.
Greg Lee
iOS and Android developer.  Passionate about good architecture and cool products.  
Randy Li
Real-time bidding backend engineer at DataXu. Formerly did ETL for financial software. Interned with Microsoft's Surface Hub team. Dartmouth College CS.
Lauralynn Stubler
Growth Marketer for startups. ⚔ Destroyer of Friction, Churn Slayer, Lover of Hustle ⚔
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Our Investors

Terrence Rohan
Manages @Index Ventures seed fund
Zach Weinberg
Co-Founder, @Flatiron Health Inc. Previously Co-Founder, President & COO at @Invite Media Inc. part of @Google
Brett Slatkin
Software Engineer at Google. Co-founder of Google Surveys. Author of Effective Python. Previously: App Engine, PubSubHubbub, Production Infrastructure.
Zaw Thet
Veteran Entrepreneur & Investor: @SigniaVC @Plyfe @HaulerDeals @4INFO etc | Philanthropist: @palindromeadv climateX @asasafterschool @unfoundation @SFSPCA
Russell Fradin
CEO of @Dynamic Signal. Founder/Executive at 4 companies: 2 IPO's, 2 Exits.
Mikhail Seregine
Co-founder @Outschool Previously, software and product @Google @Amazon @Jambool @ClayValet
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