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Convenient carpools with co-workers and neighbors

Founded in 2015 and based in downtown SF, our team mixes technology and elbow grease every day, with one statistic in our crosshairs: 80% of Americans drive alone to work. At Scoop, we envision a world where commuters feel empowered - starting with a choice to make their commute a meaningful part of their day. We embody that same spirit within our own culture, empowering every team member to make this the most meaningful experience of their career. Read More

What We're Building

Scoop is a convenient and enjoyable way to carpool with co-workers and neighbors. Easy scheduling fits your commuting needs and smart routes allow for the most efficient door-to-door trip.

With Scoop, you can unlock new opportunities to meet people, improve your well-being, and make the most of your time.

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Jobs at Scoop

Scoop Team

Robert Sadow
Wharton '08 Grad (Management, Legal Studies & Business Ethics); Bain AC --> Manager specializing in Customer Strategy & Marketing; Founder at Scoop Technologies
Jonathan Sadow
Founder at @Scoop • Worked at @Google • Studied at @George Washington University
Lili Salzberg
Head of Community at Scoop
Cassy Rowe
Hands on UX and Design lead with programming background. Degrees in MIS and Entrepreneurship and graduate degree in HCI. 15+ yrs experience in UX.
James Briggs
Tech recruiting veteran & sourcing expert with a software engineering education and a background in psychology. I apply a humanistic approach to sourcing.
Jonathan Sousa
Head of Customer Success at Scoop, building lasting customer relationships to solve the commute at scale. Previously, Customer Success Lead at Dropbox.
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Scoop Investors

Zach Weinberg
Co-Founder, @Flatiron Health Inc. Previously Co-Founder, President & COO at @Invite Media Inc. part of @Google
Brett Slatkin
Software Engineer at Google. Co-founder of Google Surveys. Author of Effective Python. Previously: App Engine, PubSubHubbub, Production Infrastructure.
Zaw Thet
Veteran Entrepreneur & Investor: @SigniaVC @Plyfe @HaulerDeals @4INFO etc | Philanthropist: @palindromeadv climateX @asasafterschool @unfoundation @SFSPCA
Russell Fradin
CEO of @Dynamic Signal. Founder/Executive at 4 companies: 2 IPO's, 2 Exits.
Jack Chou
CPO @Affirm. Previous: HoP @Pinterest. Startup founder Pensive Labs. Ads business @LinkedIn. Before that: @Google, @Oracle, @Stanford University.
Mikhail Seregine
Co-founder @Outschool Previously, software and product @Google @Amazon @Jambool @ClayValet
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