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Senior Full Stack Software Engineer at Tagup

Boston · Full Time
We connect big machinery to the Internet, cutting downtime and helping improve equipment efficiency. Our growing team helps Fortune 500 companies and multinationals monitor the health of their equipment from anywhere in the world. Read More
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Job Description

In this position, you will lead the team’s web development efforts: designing and implementing new capabilities into the platform at the helm of a small and very talented engineering team. You will work closely with the founders and field engineering to deliver a cutting-edge solution to our industrial clients.

• Work with customers to integrate equipment and systems into our web
• Direct and support external automation engineering resources during
• Improve integration process and tools for connecting industrial equipment
to Tagup platform

Desired skills:
• 5+ years of software development work experience
• Expert proficiency in node.js and both front-end/back-end JavaScript
• Deep experience with backend web application development (Node),
databases (MongoDB, Redis, Influx), sysadmin
• Experience moving extremely fast, and shipping products and features

Bonus Points:
• Contributions to open-source frameworks including node.js/npm or front-
end JS libraries
• Experience working with very large datasets
• Working knowledge with other server/web technologies (Ruby, Python,
Java, etc.)
• Design-conscious front-end development experience (HTML, CSS, JS,
AngularJS, etc.)

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What We're Building

Tagup offers industrial equipment manufacturers, value added resellers, and end users the means to quickly and cost- effectively integrate their equipment to the Internet. With Tagup, equipment's operational data is logged in the cloud, analytics and product data are made available via our web application, and users are notified via email and in application alerts if a unit is malfunctioning. We offer a turn-key solution using industrial cellular modems and our web platform.

The primary benefits to end users are reduced downtime – hugely expensive in target industries – and prolonged equipment life. Value added resellers and manufacturers using Tagup realize increased customer retention and satisfaction, reduced costs against existing remote monitoring solutions, and new revenue opportunities through enhanced service.

Founded in 2015 at MIT, our goal is to organize and make industrial equipment data accessible. We invite you to visit our website to learn more about our solution.

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