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The chat-first way to meet people

Taffy is an early-stage online dating platform. We have built a uniquely differentiated product in a highly-validated space, filling a void in how people meet online. Taffy launched in late 2017 to tremendous fanfare, and is now positioned for growth. Stay tuned!

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What We're Building

Taffy is an online dating application that connects users to people around them, with one major twist: Profile pics are blurry until you start a conversation.

Our chat-first app lets you thumb through personal ads with blurry pics and catchy headlines. Images reveal once an active chat has begun - i.e., say something to see something. We also provide fun ice breakers to get the conversation going. The result is an authentic and engaging chat-first experience that puts personality on a level playing field with physical attraction.

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Taffy Media Team

John Schenk, MBA CPA
Tech entrepreneur • Blockchain Enthusiast • MBA • CPA. CFO at SENSE. Worked at Speakr, StarGreetz,, Adapt Tech, Live365, EMI Music, Sony and BMG.
Nick Wientge
Full stack mobile designer and developer. #ReactNative #GraphQL
Tony Defranco
Founder of @FotoFreeze. Marketing with @Taffy Media. Founder of @blkwheels Past: marketing @adv1wheels

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