Jobs at Systelos

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Technology has finally come to disrupt the wealth management industry. In this new world, innovative organizations that grow by equally creating value for others and themselves, will deliver more for everyone. Read More
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Jobs at Systelos

Systelos Team

Jad Chehlawi
Launched a Fintech platform that automates and improves wealth management. Founded a traditional investment firm. Went to Harvard Business School and McGill
Arsene Toumani
I'm a technology leader who believes in solving complex problems through creativity and empowerment.
Omobola Okesanjo
Software developer with experience in predictive analytics.
Peter Vu
GSoC Student developer for Emory University BMI, eSportsBot Discord bot creator
Nitesh Mohan Nankani
Worked at TheAppLabb. Experience with Documentation, Firewall, Jira. Went to Lambton College, Osmania University

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