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Powering the Engineering of Biology

The potential for biological engineering to create new medicines and sustainable technologies is revolutionary, but today, working with biology takes too long, costs too much, and fails too often. Named by the World Economic Forum as one of the world’s 30 Technology Pioneers 2016, Synthace is re-imagining how we work with biology by developing a high level language and operating system for the physical world called Antha, which is already shifting how scientists work in major pharmaceutical, agricultural, and chemical production companies. Join an interdisciplinary team of biologists, computer scientists, biochemical engineers, and statisticians as we work together to expand the boundaries of science and technology.

What We're Building

At Synthace, we have re-envisioned how to work with biology. It starts from a digital language for working practices (Antha), which enables software to assist in the design, simulation, execution, and interpretation of biological experiments. This digitisation of the ‘How’ empowers scientists to focus on ‘What’ they want to do, removing major barriers in the time, cost, and complexity associated with working with biological systems. This digital representation enables the unambiguous translation of work between different lab environments, something that has never existed in the field before, and is key to enable building atop prior knowledge and practice in biology.

Antha also ensures that structured data is produced from all experiments: the fundamental key to properly applying machine learning to biological data. The total impact is profound, and measured in orders of magnitude how more productive a scientist powered by Antha is vs a scientist without.

Antha speaks to complex equipment such as fully automated bioreactors like the AMBR 250.
Some of the Synthace team
Antha is used to work with living things, from drug discovery, to biomanufacturing, to blue sky biological research.
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Jobs at Synthace

Synthace Team

Sean Ward
Founder Synthace Limited (synthetic biology), @Relatable (music ID) • Bioinformatics Postdoc at @University College London
Markus Gershater
Chief Scientific Officer at Synthace Ltd. Previously University College London, Novacta Biosystems and Durham University.
Christopher Grant
Protocol Engineer @Synthace Codifying / automating bioengineering. Process Engineering, DOE, QBD, Membrane proteins, metabolic engineering & Biosensors.
Lauren Fovargue
Senior Data Platform Engineer, PhD. Scientific Software Developer. Expertise in data science to programming - CFD to Bioengineering.
Tim Fell
CEO Synthace UK Govt SynBio Leadership Council Chairman BIA SynBio Committee Previously COO CellCentric, CTO Arrow Therapeutics, GM co-founder OGT (operations)
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Synthace Investors

Rob Carlson
Managing Director at Bioeconomy Capital. Pricipal at Biodesic. Creator of "Carlson Curves" & 1st assessment of int'l Bioeconomy. Author, Biology is Technology.
Alessandra Sollberger
Founder & CEO @ Evermore. Previously VC @ Mosaic Ventures, PE @ Blackstone and product @ seed-stage startups. Into sci-fi & ALL sports on a board.
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