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Draft, negotiate and sign contracts without redlines or email. is automating contract negotiations by making them machine readable. We dive deep into game theory, mediation, trained automation (bots), and novel interfaces for expressing offers, commitments and exploring ways to reach agreement. If you're passionate about real-world applications for smart contracts, blockchain, game theory and negotiation strategy then get in touch.

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What We're Building is secure cloud service to automate the negotiation of contract terms, allowing customers to draft, negotiate and sign contracts without redlines or email. shortens deal cycles by automating contract workflow, and intelligently guides users through contract negotiations.

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Edward Taylor
Co-founder, CEO Partnership architect & enterprise sales specialist w/ 10yrs experience negotiating complex deals on 4 continents for @IBM + @SAP
Nicholas Bollen
Frontend Developer & Product Manager &
Manuel Franco
UX/UI designer. Berlin, Germany.
Ivan Savciuc
Experienced Engineering Lead who loves solving problems, I've been leading teams, building and writing software for over a decade. Pls. check my LinkedIn prof.
Alaa Sarhan
An agile developer.

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