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Senior Staff DSP Engineer at Synaptics

Irvine · Full Time

Synaptics’ multi-tier headset product line features a wide range of audio codec solutions to meet the needs of various applications including USB Type-C headsets, advanced wireless and 3D gaming headsets, as well as more compact Universal Communication (UC) office headsets. Our broad array of low-power, high-resolution multi-core hardware codecs and audio software technologies enable greater innovation and differentiation within the market, helping manufacturers develop new and exciting high-performance headsets, headphones, hearables and audio accessories.

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Job Description


We are seeking a passionate DSP engineer whose primary task will be to design, implement, and test algorithms, architectures and schemes related to active noise cancellation and headphone related signal processing. We are a very dynamic group working on cutting-edge algorithms that improve audio experience from consumer electronic devices of different form factors. The workplace is fast paced, creative and above all fun!


• Design and implement efficient DSP blocks and architectures for ANC.
• Evaluate and analyze behavior on custom FPGA and mixed-signal emulation platforms.
• Understand and quantify performance trade-offs in real-life use cases and suggest improvements.
• Develop tuning tools and procedures that generalize well on different form-factors for optimum listening experience.
• Devise subjective and objective validation tests and manage relevant data collection
• Create documentation on the above tasks.


• M.S/Ph.D with at least 10 years of Audio DSP.
• Demonstrated ability in audio algorithm development in the form of projects/patents
• Proficient in the theory and application of signal processing techniques to audio
• Excellent grasp of statistical signal processing and adaptive filter theory
• Excellent command over MATLAB
• RTL/Verilog/VHDL knowledge is highly desirable
• Good familiarity with fixed-point DSP programming in C is desirable
• Some understanding of transducer acoustics, perceptual qualities of audio
• Familiarity with basic acoustic measurement set-ups and techniques.
• Passion for audio is a big plus.


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Josh Goldman
9 yrs as GP @Norwest Venture Partners. Repeat entrepreneur & CEO. >$6bn in realized M&A + IPO gains for companies i ran, invested in, or served on the Board.