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Synapse Technology

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Augmented Cognition company focused on National Security & Defense

Global aviation security has a tremendous safety on personal and nationwide safety and productivity. Synapse is seeking to bring innovation and efficiency to this market. We coordinate with all stakeholders, including global airports, regulators, OEMs, 3rd party integrators, and others. Read More
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What We're Building

Every day, two million passengers and their baggage are screened at US airports. Millions more are screened at international airports, office buildings, infrastructure centers, and more. Beyond people, billions of pieces of cargo, mail, and freight are scanned. What most of these have in common is little automation and very manual process.

Synapse provides algorithmic analysis of security x-ray images to determine if they contain a threat, such as a firearm of explosive. We deploy our deep learning-based algorithms on premises at global airports, and provide a user interface for screeners to communicate with the algorithms. We already have global pilots underway.

We’re backed by top-tier Bay Area investors that believe in our vision for a safer world.

Jobs at Synapse Technology

Synapse Technology Team

Bruno B. Ferrari Faviero
Founder @Synapse Technology // Graduate Fund // Former MIT, Kensho, Dorm Room Fund
Simanta Gautam
Founder, CTO at Synapse Technology
Lenny Tran
Business operations leader with a unique global perspective.
Gordon Hart
Principal Engineer at Synapse Technology

Synapse Technology Investors

Patrick S. Chung
Patrick is founding partner of Xfund. He was co-head of NEA’s Consumer and Seed-stage investing practices.
Brandon Farwell
Avid Cardinal enthusiast and early stage VC
Andrew Trader
Early Impact Ventures! @Madison Reed, Co-Founder @Zynga, Co-Founder (Nasdaq: ZNGA) @Maveron, Venture Partner @Coremetrics, Co-Founder (acq by IBM)
Amrit Saxena
Founder of Stella, Founder/CEO of FancyThat (acq. by @Palantir) • ex-@Bain, @Groupon • CS, AI & OR at @Stanford • Angel Syndicate:
Eric Del Balso, Kohala Ventures
Syndicate: Partner, Kohala Ventures. Founder @ Ignite Advisors. Ex. Yahoo, Microsoft, Disney, Excite.
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