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Augmented Cognition company focused on National Security & Defense

Our proprietary deep learning and computer vision systems automate threat classification in security & defense visual analysis. From remote sensing to TSA baggage screening, our systems increase threat detection accuracy and throughput at secure perimeters. Read More

What We're Building

Synapse Technology Corporation modernizes the defense image intelligence industry with proprietary deep learning and computer vision technology.

Synapse Technology first tackles security screening checkpoints with our intelligent threat detection system, which operates on baggage X-Ray & CT scanners. As a member of the US Government OTAP program, we are collaborating with TSA, Sandia National Labs, and checkpoint OEMs.

Current baggage security checkpoints have a low accuracy due to their dependance on inaccurate human perception to identify prohibited items. Our software systems increase accuracy significantly, while helping operators avoid false positives with our safe-item detection ability.

Jobs at Synapse Technology

Synapse Technology Team

Simanta Gautam
Founder, CTO at Synapse Technology
Lenny Tran
Business operations leader with a unique global perspective.

Synapse Technology Investors

Patrick S. Chung
Patrick is founding partner of Xfund. He was co-head of NEA’s Consumer and Seed-stage investing practices.
Brandon Farwell
Avid Cardinal enthusiast and early stage VC
Andrew Trader
Early Impact Ventures! @Madison Reed, Co-Founder @Zynga, Co-Founder (Nasdaq: ZNGA) @Maveron, Venture Partner @Coremetrics, Co-Founder (acq by IBM)
Eric DelBalso
Hybrid angel investor & operator helping young companies scale.
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