Swym (Techstars '17)

Jobs at Swym (Techstars '17)

Helping retail brands craft seamless shopping experiences

Swym is going after a massive global opportunity with some very firm roots in Bangalore and backed by a fantastic group of investors. As a valued team member in an early stage startup, this is a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor and make a difference. We are committed to building a diverse, entrepreneurial organization, and our current team is strong evidence of that commitment. Talk to us, and you'll quickly realize that this is an opportunity to be a part of something that's shaping up to be truly special.

What We're Building

The typical shopping journey today spans multiple sessions/channels/devices, with a majority of e-commerce purchases resulting from a multi-session shopping experience. E-commerce sites are not adequately equipped to facilitate this new usage pattern, leaving their customers on their own to navigate between devices. Swym powers a cross-channel shopping platform for retailers, built to intuitively address the needs of today’s consumer, and can be easily integrated into an existing e-commerce site. Retailers can leverage the Swym platform to maximize the value of each customer interaction by enabling seamless multi-screen shopping experiences for shoppers.

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Jobs at Swym (Techstars '17)

Swym (Techstars '17) Team

Krishna Rao
10 years of Product Development experience across road-mapping, requirements specification, feature prioritization, and development & quality assurance.
Aravind Baskaran
Debug till there is nothing left,"Getting things done"
Rishin S Babu
Full stack guy. Experienced in building, maintaining and scaling backends for web and mobile
Anusha Shankar
15 years of building products at Microsoft. Masters in computer Science degree.
Saumitra Khanwalker
VNIT CS grad, imaginative rationalist, created pioneering app for campus communication, working at Swym Corp.
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Swym (Techstars '17) Investors

Felix Anthony
Was Vice President, Kindle Software, Product Management, UI and Digital Platform for mp3 and video. Technology VP in @Amazon Ordering, Operations and Logistics.
Sanjay Jain
Industry leader Coca-Cola, Allianz, Ogilvy, angel investor, mentor & strategist. Challenging status quo, building long term brand value, turning around cos.
Uma Raghavan
CTO/Founder at Integris.io; Previously, Technology Executive at eBay, amazon; Engineering Leader at Microsoft, Walmart, Chrysler