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Helping retail brands craft seamless shopping experiences

Swym is going after a massive global opportunity with some very firm roots in Bangalore and backed by a fantastic group of investors. As a valued team member in an early stage startup, this is a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor and make a difference. We are committed to building a diverse, entrepreneurial organization, and our current team is strong evidence of that commitment. Talk to us, and you'll quickly realize that this is an opportunity to be a part of something that's shaping up to be truly special.

What We're Building

The typical shopping journey today spans multiple sessions/channels/devices, with a majority of e-commerce purchases resulting from a multi-session shopping experience. E-commerce sites are not adequately equipped to facilitate this new usage pattern, leaving their customers on their own to navigate between devices. Swym powers a cross-channel shopping platform for retailers, built to intuitively address the needs of today’s consumer, and can be easily integrated into an existing e-commerce site. Retailers can leverage the Swym platform to maximize the value of each customer interaction by enabling seamless multi-screen shopping experiences for shoppers.

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Open Positions


Krishna Rao
10 years of Product Development experience across road-mapping, requirements specification, feature prioritization, and development & quality assurance.
Aravind Baskaran
Debug till there is nothing left,"Getting things done"
Nisha Karthikeyan
Marketing enthusiast and follower of creating user-centric digital strategies.

Our Investors

Felix Anthony
Was Vice President, Kindle Software, Product Management, UI and Digital Platform for mp3 and video. Technology VP in @Amazon Ordering, Operations and Logistics.

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